The Book of Business Models

We are living in incredibly exciting times. A time where, as an Entrepreneur, as a Corporate Innovator, there are almost no barriers to your ambitions. Technology is cheap and accessible to all. Government and regulators are encouraging innovations. Customers can be reached in a highly personalized way. Nothing is here to stay. Opportunities are up for grabs for the ones who can spot them.

This book talks about “business models”, the fundamental building block of a business : how your business will make money, from what kind of customers, with what kind of partners or competitors. And as many things in life, Business Models come as patterns, which repeats themselves across different sectors.

Through interviews of Entrepreneurs, Corporate Innovators, Consultants and though leaders, we'll explore the business model transformation at play for the last century across 20 sectors. And we'll identify the re-usable building blocks of these most successful business models, to give you the building blocks for building your own